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75% of change efforts fail!

A vision without execution is just a dream.

To deliver sustainable value, we have to regularly reinvent our business models, processes, skills and mindset.

into opportunity

Find out how to amplify your impact, influence and results


is not enough

We need to balance today’s survival needs, while building for tomorrow’s sustainability needs.

What our clients had to say

“If you look after your people, the scoreboard will take care of itself. Gary and his 3i’s Team intuitively understand this. They’re a ‘people first’ company. They are masters at shifting the prevailing culture in troubled businesses, combining modern techniques with a candid approach. 3i’s is a rare find that will have a deep impact on your 21st Century organization.”


Stuart Symington, MD Capespan Europe


“Even though I’m very driven, FutureFit just pushed me to a whole new level of being.”


Ezlyn Barends, Founder DreamGirls Academy


“We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Gary and the 3i’s group for more than 3 years. Targeted initiatives were crafted to create a culture to ignite innovation and open dialogue, to improve efficiencies and ultimately service delivery. Initiatives injected a lot of energy throughout the organisation and people became more trusting and eager to contribute. Invisible barriers between management and staff were removed over time and communication channels opened up again. All this eventually translated into a culture of openness and transparency, hunger for success. The 3i’s group provided a solid platform on which we can build.”


Lucien Jansen, CEO The PPECB


“An amazing mind shifting experience. What a gift! It’s been a pleasure getting up at 7am on a Sunday morning to be here!”


Florian Lucke Founder, Uconomy



“Everyone, deserves this opportunity, the more people who grow, the more impact in society is achieved.”


Patrice Taruwinga Lapeng Resource Centre



“Incredible opportunity to develop yourself, surrounded other passionate and inspiring entrepreneurs.”


Lali Danagzele ShakeXperience Founder & SAB Kickstart Winner




“Since working with Gary and his team of professionals, our team has started working more strategically on focusing on sound business strategies, that not only add value to our customers but add value equally to our employees. Our management team’s maturity has grown in leaps and bounds ensuring we constantly work on improving our business ethics, and meet our group objectives. 3i’s has been a part of our brand evolution in the Western Cape, as they constantly strive to understand our vision and mission. The personal and business impact has been significant.”


Stuart Stokes, MD Avatech





“Working with 3i’s has been life-changing! I have learnt so much, my biggest take-home being the value and importance of ‘re-invention’. Gary brings you face to face with the real you; makes you take a real hard look at yourself and learn to love and appreciate yourself and helps you to deal with your saboteurs in the process. This was our biggest achievement. I am still a work in progress, but by far a much better version of myself. I will recommend Gary to anyone wanting to transform their reach and impact.”


Kebone Nthite Bokang Project Management Consulting





Working with 3i’s is an eye opening mind shift! Their experience and the right questions helped build an understanding of what we needed. Their intuitive ability to “tune” into our team brought out the best in us with loads of fun while learning. THANK YOU for helping us understand the importance of SUSTAINABILITY – putting a follow up process in place in order to deepen the learning and to take the necessary action to effect change whilst focusing on business goals.


Zayaan Samuels Director, ESI Attorneys





 “The Reinvention philosophy has reshaped the way be build and reinvent businesses. We’re able to focus on the tools and skills needed to succeed in today’s disruptive environment.”


Mandy Murphy, Business Coach, Old Mutual Wealth






“This experience fundamentally shifted the way I see and process organizational change and renewal. I left grounded with many practical tools and value”


Tracey Gould, Director Gould & Associates






“The experience shifted how I approach change. It is packed with data to support the ‘new perspective’. It challenged me to look deeper into the meaning of these turbulent times, and that it is indeed ‘ripe with possibility!’


Dr Gilbert Dennis, CRP






 “This evoked a mind shift in how I view disruption, challenges and my relationship to it. The tools, discussions and support has given me the confidence to face the unknown with an open mind”


Sandra Segers, Strategic Relationship Manager, Old Mutual Wealth






 “I left this series with greater clarity of the action I needed to take to succeed. I was able to ignite 4 new tangible business outcomes in 6 weeks!”


Igshaan Soules, Director Next Gen Holdings